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Backdrop Gallery

While backdrops serve a decorative function, they also offer some great practical features...hiding unsightly walls and creating a focal point for your guests to direct their attention.

They can also make great room dividers and backgrounds for photos.

Here are a few of the backdrops we have done, and a designation of whether it is a 1-3 layer backdrop for set-up pricing.  


LED Bright White with Flower Row - 1 Layer Backdrop

1 Layer Lighted with Flower Row A.JPG
1 Layer Lighted with Flower Row B.jpg

LED Warm White with Voile Panels - 2 Layer Backdrop

Lighted Warm White A.JPG
Lighted Warm White B.JPG

LED Bright White with Draping - 1 Layer Backdrop

Purple Sheer A
Purple Sheer B

LED Bright White with Draping - 1 Layer Backdrop

Lighted with Draping A
Lighted with Draping B

Chic Curtain Black - 1 Layer Backdrop

Black Chic

Chic Curtain Black with Blue LED Lights - 2 Layer Backdrop

Blue LED Backdrop

Gold Payette Curtain - 1 Layer Backdrop

Gold Payette 4
Gold Payette

Ivory Chic Curtain - 1 Layer Backdrop

Chic Modified A
Chic  Modified B

LED Bright White with Voile Panels & Boxwood - 2 Layer Backdrop

Lighted Chic with Boxwood A
Lighted Boxwood B

Silver Payette Curtain with up-lighting - 1 Layer Backdrop

Silver Payette A
Silver Payette B

Ivory Chic Curtain with Accent Panels - 1 Layer Backdrop

1 Layer with Accent Panels A.JPG
1 Layer with Accent Panels B.JPG

White Chic Curtain with Champagne & White Voile Panels - 3 Layer Backdrop

Three Layer A
Three Layer B

Gold Payette Curtain - 1 Layer Backdrop

Gold Payette 3
Gold Payette 4

LED Bright White Curtain with Voile Panels - 2 Layer Backdrop

2 Layer Lighted

LED Bright White  Curtain with Purple Drape - 1 Layer Backdrop

Bright White with Drape

Black Chic Curtain with Red Voile Panels - 2 Layer Backdrop


Gold Lighted Curtain with Flower Row & Corner Arrangement - 1 Layer Backdrop


Bright White Lighted Curtain with floral garland (background greenery is a shower curtain) - 2 Layer Backdrop


White Chic Curtain with Voile Fabric Swag - 2 Layer Backdrop


Black Chic Curtain with Champagne Voile Panels- 2 Layer Backdrop


Ivory Chic Curtain - 1 Layer Backdrop


Warm White Lighted Curtain with White Voile Panels - 2 Layer Backdrop


Gold Payette Curtain with draped Sequin Overlays - 2 Layer Backdrop


Blush Payette Curtain - 1 Layer Backdrop


Ivory Chic Curtain - 1 Layer Backdrop


White Chic Curtain with fairy light net inserted between the polyester and chiffon layers - 1 Layer Backdrop

Gold Payette 3
Gold Payette 4
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