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Chair Sash Styling

The Bow

The traditional bow is a chair sash favorite for two reasons. The first is it is as easy as tying your shoe laces and the second is it is quick.

To make the bow, hold an end of the chair sash in each hand. Wrap the sash around the front of the chair back. Cross the ends of the sash and loop one side over the other. Tie a bow and tighten as needed.

2b Side Bow.jpg


This is a super easy technique but it is time consuming and will increase your sash cost by 4 to 5x due to the number of sashes needed.  Simply drape each sash over the open back chair and tie in a knot to secure. 

2 The Bow.jpg

Side Bow

This is the first alternative to the traditional bow and is super easy. To create the side bow, tie the traditional bow as seen in the first chair sash idea. Then slide it to the left or right side of the chair.

3 Multi Sash.jpg
4 Rosette.jpg


The rosette is another chair sash alternative that is beautiful, but more time consuming. If you are going to do the rosette on a great amount of chairs, make sure that you have plenty of time or people to assist.

To make the rosette, wrap the ends of the chair sash around the chair as if making the traditional bow. Pull one end over the other to secure in place. Begin twisting one end of the sash over the other until you have a small amount of sash left at the ends (a few inches at most). Wind the twisted sash in a circle around the center back of the chair until a rose-shape is formed. Tuck the hanging ends to hold it in place.

Flip Tie

The flip over is a sleek alternative to the traditional chair sash and is quick and easy to make.


For the flip over, follow the instructions to make a standard knot. Then take the longer hanging end and flip it under and over the top of the knot. Since this chair sash was a little bit longer, I flipped it over a second time to achieve the desired length. Straighten and smooth the flap as needed.

7 Flip Over.jpg
6 Angle Side Bow.jpg

Angle Side Bow

This wrap is modern, fresh, and adds a touch of whimsy to your reception.  Drape the sash over the front corner of the chair keeping its full width exposed and leaving the right hand piece approximately 6-8 inches longer than the left.  Put the right hand piece through the front of the chair and wrap around to the back side, and wrap the left hand piece under the cross member of the chair, then tie in a bow.  This will prevent the bow from sliding upwards and keep tension on the sash.

Vertical Bow

Start by folding your sash in half to find the center point. That center point can then be positioned at the very top of the chair. Pull the tail on the opposite side through and tie a knot at the middle of your chair's back. Measure to ensure the tails are of equal lengths at this point. This just helps to keep the bow looking tidy. Create your bow and pull it out a little bit or till you're happy with the size of the bow. In three simple steps, you've created a beautiful big vertical chair sash bow that is sure to wow your guests.

8 Vertical Bow.jpg
Double Bow.jpg

Double Bow

A slight variation on The Bow which allows you the opportunity to add colour and fullness to your chair decor.  

To achieve this look, follow instructions for The Bow, but make sure the bottom layer is positioned as wide as possible.  Fold the top layer sash in half length-wise so it doesn't cover the bottom bow and repeat.  Angle the top bow loops to showcase both bows, or tie slightly higher than the first bow.  Alternating the bow sizes (larger on bottom) also enhances the look.

The Weave

The Weave adds an instant touch of elegance and softness but can be time consuming .  Woven sashes can be multi-coloured or identical and requires 5-6 sashes to achieve this look (if alternating colors)  


Drape the sash over the top of the chair and stretch out to ensure it is of equal length.  Keeping the two tails together, weave the first sash downwards through the cross bars starting from front to back so the tails end at the back of the chair on the outer edges.  This frames the chair and makes it appear fuller.  Alternate the weave for the next 4 sashes.

9 Weave.jpg
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