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Event Decor Checklist

A valuable tool for every Bride to ensure decor items aren't missed.  It's no fun to scramble at the last minute!

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Chair Sash Styling

View different styles of tied chair sashes and get step-by step instructions on how to achieve each look.

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Petal Distribution Tools

How many petals do you need?  This link takes you to a handy tool will show you different levels of coverage to ensure you have enough.

How can I use petals?  This link is an excellent resource for all the different uses of petals.  Great for finding new ideas! 

Petal Distribution Tool image

Linen Sizing Tools

How big should my tablecloth or overlay be based on the size of my table?  Here's a link to a great site that explains it:

How long should my table skirt be for the size of my table?  Here's another great link:

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Local Resource Directory

We are big supporters of local business!  Check out our resource directory which highlights all manner of businesses supplying and servicing the wedding and event industry in Medicine Hat, Redcliff, and Dunmore.

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Local Bridal Events

Medicine Hat hosts many fine Bridal Events throughout the year to capture and inspire the imagination, and present possibilities to Brides looking for services and ideas.

All events are posted here chronologically.

Exact dates will be updated year over year when the information comes available, but the general time of year remains consistent.  

To add an event, e-mail details to

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What's Happening

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