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Pillars, Trees, & Candelabras

Pillars are a multi-function item that can be re-purposed on your wedding day to save a bundle.  Use them at your ceremony to line your aisle or hold urns near the podium.  Move them to your reception to place behind your head table or frame your gift or reception table. 

Candelabras may be customized to suit your color scheme!

Wooden Pillar Ivory

Dimensions: 31" x 11" & 37" x 11"

Qty: 4 x 31", 4 x 37"

Rate: $10 / $12

 Extra Tall White Pillar 45"

Qty: 3 

Rate: $15

Wooden Pillar Brown

Dimensions: 37" x 11" 

Qty: 2

Rate: $15

Cherry Tree Topper White

 Cherry Tree Topper White

Uses: stands on pillars, or place directly on tabletop.  Has metal base plate, height depends on base used - but almost 7' tall on our standard column)

Qty: 4

Rate: $65/one, $120/two, $150/three, $180/four

Metal Stand Silver (Set of 2)

Dimensions: Tall: 30"         Short: 24"

Qty: 1

Rate: $10

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