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Accent Decor 3

Our decor accents are perfect for dressing up your reception, cake, or gift table.  Many of them coordinate for various looks so they can be used as stand-alone pieces or in attractive groupings. 



Most of these items were chosen for their uniqueness and reordering is not possible in most cases.   Check back soon, we are adding all the time!

Mercury Glass Hurricane Candle

Mercury Glass Hurricane Candle Holder Gold 14"

Qty: 2

Rate: $8.50

Geometric Mercury Glass Vase Gold.JPG

Geometric Mercury Glass Vase Gold 8"


Qty: 2

Rate: $8.50

Gold Lantern.JPG

Gold Lantern 12.5"

Qty: 2

Rate: $5

5 Arm Silver Candelabra.jpg

5-Arm Candelabra Silver 20"

Qty: 2

Rate: $12

Natural Wood Crate with Chicken Wire Det

Natural Wood Crate with Chicken Wire Detail 10"

Qty: 4

Rate: $5.50

Natural Wood Apple Basket.jpg

Natural Wood Apple Basket 14"

Qty: 2

Rate: $4

Chip n Dale Display Stairs

Chip n' Dale Display Stair 30"

Qty: 1

Rate: $10

White Display Crates - Set of 3

Accent Crates (set of 3) 8", 10", 12"

Qty: 1

Rate: $15

Ceramic Flower Tealight Holder Ivory.JPG

Ceramic Flower Tealight Holder Ivory 5"

Qty: 6

Rate: $1.75

Glass Bottle Pink

Glass Bottle Pink/Beige 12"

Qty: 1

Rate: $8

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